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New Single Forget Is Out Now

boxedinmusic on August 17, 2016. Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Boxed In have released new single ‘Forget’, taken from their upcoming second album, ‘Melt’, which is out on September 23rd.

‘Forget’ sees Oli delve further beneath the pristine, electronic surfaces in the band’s examination of choice: if ‘Boxed In’ was essentially a breakup record and ‘Melt’ is one of reconciliation, ‘Forget’ is that transitional and pinnacle moment. It’s described by Bayston as “another conversational with my inner psyche. It’s my conscience allowing me to forget a period in my life I’d rather leave behind. This is also the first track the band all wrote together in the studio.”

Listen to ‘Forget’ HERE

Warmly inviting yet coolly controlled, the 11 songs across Boxed In’s second album ‘Melt’ are experimental, infectious, yet richly detailed: co-produced with the Dan Carey, and with the accent on midtempo art ache. Putting a fresh spin on ‘70s krautrock, ’80s synthpop and ‘90s house and techno, there is a pulsating sense of positivity that runs throughout; capturing a young man at a transitional stage, preparing to enter the next, more mature phase of his life.

Boxed In are confirmed to play Bestival, and there’s an album launch party at London’s Kamio on 29th September – with support from Little Cub, and Nimmo (who Oli has produced for) as special-guest DJs.

Pre-order ‘Melt’ HERE and buy tickets for the London show HERE.

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